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In 1996 Jim “Stump’s”® Haakinson was hungry for something with a little kick. Stump had always loved hot foods. On a trip to Belize Stump was introduced to the habanero pepper. Stump used this knowledge to make the perfect blend for his hot green olives. With the support of family and friends, Jim started the Stump’s brand in his Afton, Wisconsin. As the popularity of the HOT Olives skyrocketed the operation moved to a licensed manufacturing facility that could accommodate the demand for his HOT little treats. With the added manufacturing capabilities Stump was able to focus his attention on the development of more products to satisfy all tastes. Stump’s produced a Mediterranean olive for those who like garlic & basil. He also expanded the Stump’s brand to include two varieties of Bloody Mary mix. The Bloody Mary mix serves as a wonderful chili starter and is available in the Hot & Spicy and Mild & Sassy variety.

After 11 years of making their HOT food, Stump and Roberta decided they would liked to spend more time with their grandchildren. 


In August of 2007, they sold their family business to another family run business Glaser Brothers, L.L.C. Glaser Brothers consist of three brothers Todd, Tyler and Chad Glaser who have known Stump and Roberta for years and have always loved their products. Todd, Tyler and Chad are excited to be able to carry on the traditions that Stump and Roberta had, quality and commitment to the customer are still the backbone of the Stump's brand!

Glaser Brothers, LLC has once again expanded the Stump’s brand to include Bread & Butter Garlic Cloves, Hot Mushrooms, Hot Brussels Sprouts, Hot Asparagus, Hot Dill Pickles, Hot Giardiniera, Mild Giardiniera, Pepperoncini Peppers and our newest product Bacon Flavored Bloody Mary Mix!

Stay tuned for more to come...

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